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We now offer dog training at A Crate Escape, LLC. But not your typical dog training. With most trainers, you’ll spend a bunch of money, take your dog back and forth to training sessions and, if you’re lucky, Fido might learn how to sit. So, you agree to more lessons because the trainer says something like “your dog is a hard case and needs more time to learn”. Before you know it, you’ve spent a fifteen hundred dollars and your dog still won’t obey your commands! He might listen to the trainer, but when you get him home, he’s back in HIS world, and back to doing the same things that made you seek out training in the first place!

We’re proud to introduce our new Director of Training Keith Davis, and his dog Zorro, and welcome them to the ACE family.
Keith is a bit different when it comes to dog training. The majority of Keith’s training career has been spent training hunting dogs. If you know anything about hunting with a dog, you know they have to be trained to a much different level than a family pet typically is trained. A dog that won’t do what you need it to do, or only does it some of the time, can ruin an entire day of hunting very quickly. A hunting dog MUST be obedient. It MUST respond IMMEDIATELY to its owner. And it has to respond to not only verbal commands, in many cases, it must respond to hand motions as well. Training a hunting dog vs. training a family pet is very different. Keith’s experience in getting hunting dogs to perform in the field allows him to train your family pet to a different level. That translates to much less effort and frustration on your part and makes your time with your dog much more enjoyable.

A Note from Keith…

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved spending time with dogs. Becoming a dog trainer was a perfect fit for me. I’ve worked with a wide variety breeds over the years and truly enjoy the challenge of dog training. My passion is working with hunting/retrieving dogs because they require a higher level of obedience and control to prevent interfering with the hunt. I use those same skills to train your family pet to a higher level.

My training techniques were taught to me by some of the best in the training industry, and I’m proud to now bring those skills to A Crate Escape, LLC. I consider myself a well-balanced trainer and use a combination of positive reinforcement, structured discipline, and a large dose of fun while I train that allows me to earn your dogs trust and respect. I also take the extra time to bond with each individual dog so that they learn to want to please me, and I’ll show you how to do the same.

My goal is not to change your dog’s personality, but to allow them to become a more respectful version of themselves which ultimately makes them, and your family, much happier.


Keep the personality…

Lose the disobedience

Many people are afraid that taking their dog to a trainer will cause their dog to lose its unique personality.  Good trainers can accomplish the exact opposite.  In most cases, people can’t believe how much more fun their dog is after even a couple of training sessions.  The reason for this is the confusion most dogs live with disappears when they know what they’re supposed to do, what the expectations are of them. 


Whether the problem is jumping on people, nipping at your heels, or dragging you down the road on walks, Keith can help. 

Training a dog should NEVER involve harsh punishment, yelling, or hitting a dog.  Anyone who says different doesn’t know what they’re talking about and should NOT be training dogs.  True professional dog trainers use proven techniques to calmly and decisively change your dog’s behavior, for good. 

The ACE Method is based on Intensive One on One Training every weekday, over a 30-day period.  Keith, and your dog, one on one every day for up to two hours.  Keith will never push your dog beyond its limits so if he cannot get a full two hours one day, they may go longer on a day when he has more energy. 



Understanding the nature of your dog will go a long way toward changing behavior.  Whether dogs are pack animals, or not, is currently the hot topic in the dog world.  It’s been so long since domestication began that some scientist now say the pack mentality has been bred out of dogs, and they are now familial animals just like humans.  We won’t debate the pack issue.  What we will say though is your dog WANTS you to be his leader. 

Most dogs, when left to do whatever they choose, don’t make very good choices.  But it’s not their fault, they’re just living like a dog, in a human domain.  They don’t know that chewing a shoe is not good.  Or that peeing on the carpet is wrong.  They don’t know what they’re supposed to do, or not do in that environment, until you teach them.  Obedience training is the foundation of ALL training. 

Obedience training requires repetitions.  Typical trainers do a few reps with you in class, then send you home to complete the training.  So, in reality, you are not paying for dog training with a traditional trainer, you’re paying for human training!  You’re paying a lot of money for him to train YOU.  Unfortunately, dog training is not that easy.  You won’t get trained on what to look for, or the get the tips that might make training easier.  Or the ques that tell you it’s probably going to be easier to train “sit” today than it will be to train “come”. 

You pay experts to repair your car, your plumbing, or to take care of your pool.  Let A Crate Escape set the strongest foundation possible for your dog, then show you how to build on it. 

The ACE Intensive Obedience Training Program

The way most training programs are set up is intentionally a bit deceiving, in our opinion.  It’s impossible to fully train a young dog in three, five, or even eight visits to a trainer.  You get excited to start your dog’s training, and 5 visits and $375 later your dog has learned to sit.  But that’s all he’s learned, and he probably won’t be very consistent with it.  So, you continue to pay for lesson after lesson hoping to get your dog to the point where you can control his behavior, but it drags on so long and gets so expensive, that you finally give up.  We don’t work that way at A Crate Escape. 

If you choose ACE to train your dog, they’ll learn the following:


Here- (Come) When you say “here” your dog comes to you.

Heel- When you tell your dog to heel, it responds by taking a position at your side and sitting or walking in that position along side you. 

Sit- When you tell your dog to sit, it will sit.  More importantly, it will stay seated in that location until you release it (Free).

Down- When you say lay down to the dog, it lays down.  Again, “stay” is implied.  The dog will remain where you had it lay down until released. 

Place- When you show your dog a location and say place, it will sit/lie in that place until released. 

Free- This releases the dog from the previous command (sit, down, etc.)

Attentive Leash Walking- your dog will be taught not to pull or lag behind and to maintain a general amount of attention to you rather than do its own thing.  If you choose to, you may release the dog to explore at the end of the leash. 

Que Words- The words “good” for correct behavior/response, and “no” for incorrect behavior/response will be taught and used consistently.  This will allow for carry over to other situations. 

Eliminated Behaviors- Pulling on a leash, biting/nipping, jumping on people, pawing, body checking, and any other undesirable behaviors the dog may exhibit, or the owner may request.


We do not used treats full of chemicals, sugar, etc. as rewards when training your dog.  We use a superior food called Bil-Jac.  It’s a frozen food that is small and cylindrical and works perfectly for training.  Dogs LOVE Bil-Jac and it’s great for them.  A 10lb bag of Bil-Jac contains 8lbs of chicken! 

To achieve all of this, we do One on One Board and Train at A Crate Escape.  But our Board and Train program is VERY different from other trainers. 

When most dog trainers do a “Board and Train” program, the boarding consists of your dog living in a crate.  So, for at least 22 hours out of the day, your dog will be kept in a 2’x3’ box.  Sure, they’ll get walked a few times, and be out for training a couple of hours if you’re lucky, but other than that, your dog eats, and sleeps in a crate for the duration of the training. 

At ACE, we’re a boarding and daycare facility.  We don’t use crates for our boarders.  We actually have a couple of different options that both consist of small room like kennels that your dog gets to themselves.  Bring their bed, favorite blanket, and the teddy bear they love and it’s like a camping trip for your dog!  We even call our two options “The Camp”, and “The Resort”.  You can find descriptions of our options on the boarding page.

In addition to great accommodations, your dog will get plenty of interaction and socialization while here.  Weather permitting, our guests spend a large part of the day outside in our 30’ x 30’ turf play areas.  They’re put in with 3-5 of their buddies and the have toys and oversized balls to play with, as well as each other!

Another HUGE difference is that our entire staff is aware of our Board and Train dogs and they’re trained to help reinforce Keith’s training every opportunity they get.  This extra, real life, situational training is invaluable in getting your dog fully trained. 

Re-cap of what you get with our Board and Train Program:

  • Minimum of 40 Training Sessions
  • Regular Reports on Progress
  • Up to 2 Hours Per Day One on One Time
  • Fully Trained on Common Commands
  • Fully Trained on Attentive Leash Walking
  • Elimination of Undesirable Behaviors
  • Socialization with Other Dogs Daily
  • Carry Over to Your Home Setting
  • Training Reinforcement by All Staff
  • Exceptional Boarding Accommodations
  • Outdoor Play Throughout the Day
  • Limited to 3 Dogs at Any Time

Call now and get your dog on the road to being his best for you, and your family. 

The direct training information number is 512-920-0088.