Training Services

All classes are taught on-site, using positive reinforcement techniques. We believe training should be a positive, enjoyable experience for every pet and owner.

Prices available upon request.
Vaccine policies vary by course.
Please call for more information 512-920-0050 or email

Group Classes

Puppy Pre-School 

4 week course; ages 10 – 16 weeks
Geared towards all the new things your puppy will encounter in your first few weeks together, this class introduces them to the fun side of training, and overcoming issues like potty training and settling into their new homes. Each week includes a period of supervised playtime to teach appropriate puppy play!

Puppy Kindergarten 

7 week course; ages 10 weeks and up
This is the first step in getting that well trained puppy! Set up to provide the best fundamentals possible with as much fun as possible, we’ll play games, set goals, and overcome obstacles in growing together.

Basics 101

7 week course; ages 6 months and up
Not a puppy, but still needing to take that first step towards better behavior? This course sets up all of the fundamentals you’ll need to have a happy, well trained friend!

Doggie High School 

7 week course; ages 6months and up; prerequisite: Puppy Kindergarten, Basics 101, or trainer’s evaluation
Step up that obedience game! Ready for a dog that listens everywhere in public, whether on a neighborhood stroll, hiking trail, or day on the town? This course focuses on heeling at your side, working around distractions, and fun games to have your pup graduating at the top of the class!

K9 University 

7 week course; ages 8 months and up; prerequisite: Doggie High School or trainer’s evaluation
Ready for that dog you can take almost anywhere? This course is set up to prepare you for all the real world distractions you and your pup will be around. We’ll work on meeting friendly strangers and dogs, handling at the vet, and long distance cues, as well as games to improve your pup’s skill set. University students will earn their Graduation Diploma and a bandana for graduation day pictures.

Elective Classes

5 week courses

Ages 8 months and up; prerequisite: Doggie High School or trainer’s evaluation
-Tricks Novice
-Tricks Advanced

Enrichment Seminars

3 week courses

3 hours total; prerequisite: Puppy or Basics 101; ages 17 weeks and up
-Don’t sweat the Vet
No need to worry, we love our vets and their staff! This class will prepare your pup for being touched or held during exams, and how to make the vet a happy place for you, your dog, and the doctors that keep them healthy!
-All hands on deck
Make basic grooming and handling skills a breeze! This class will make nail trimming, brushing, ear cleaning, and being held/touched by you or your pup’s groomer a stress free affair.

Board and Train / Daycare and Train Services

Ages 6 months and up; available for current or past training students only.
Quantity packages can be used over long duration stays, or multiple visits. Email or paper homework available. Follow up 1/2 hour with trainer is additional.
(1) 1/2 hr
(4) 1/2 hrs
(8) 1/2 hrs

Private Lessons

Ages 10 weeks and up; can be used once or multiple times a week
All private lessons are one on one with owners present.
1 Hour
3 Hour package
5 Hour packag