Do you have an energetic puppy? Do you work long hours, and don’t want to leave your dog cooped up? If you think your dog needs to get out of the house and socialize, we’ve got you covered!

What makes A Crate Escape daycare the best?

At A Crate Escape, our goal is to provide an environment where your dog is able to make new friends, play with others that appreciate their unique play style, and interact with folks that devote their careers to positive dog playtime! Our group environments provide your dog with physical and mental stimulation, making them happier and healthier pets. We take size, age, personality characteristics, and play styles into consideration when placing every pet that comes to stay with us into a group.

Your dog’s first day of daycare is spent temperament testing with our trainer and daycare handlers to see which play group they get along with best.

Our program was developed by the Dog Gurus, a group of experts in the field of safe, positive daycare and dog care. It’s important to us that every dog that comes to play with us has positive and safe interactions. This temperament testing service is free, as is your dog’s first day with us. You will receive a Report Card to go home with you, as well as a run down of your dog’s first day with us!

How does it work, and how much is it to play?

All new clients must schedule a Temperament Test day first, these are limited per day to ensure we have plenty of time to acclimate your pup to meeting new friends and settling in.

Once your dog has passed their temperament test, you’re welcome to make an appointment or drop in Monday – Friday. Daycare starts at 9 am, breaks at noon for a hour lunch period of rest, and ends at 4 pm. Pups are welcome to be dropped off prior to daycare starting, and stay until we close. You’re welcome to bring your pup’s meals and/or snacks at no extra cost. All dogs will be provided with an individual kennel for when they’re not in playtime.

All daycare dogs are supervised by handlers trained in positive reinforcement and least invasive methods to ensure your dog has nothing but fun during their stay. We incorporate games, bacon flavored bubbles, splash pool time (weather permitting), one on one time with handlers, and developing of basic handling cues like leash manners, sit, come, and door manners as well.

Call or email us to schedule your dog’s first day today!

Ask us about our Grooming and Daycare & Train add on services while your dog is here playing.

Price and Packages

Full Day $27.95

  • 10 Day Pass $255
  • 25 Day Pass $640
  • 50 Day Pass $1200
  • Monthly unlimited full daycare $425

Half Day $15

  • 10 Day Pass $135
  • Monthly unlimited half daycare $250