At A Crate Escape, our goal is to provide an environment where your dog is able to socialize and enjoy the company of other dogs and their human caretakers. A group environment provides your dog with physical and mental stimulation, making them happier and healthier! We also take size, age, personality characteristics, and owner preference into consideration when placing each and every pet.

All dogs are given a temperament test,with a free day of daycare, to see what play group they get along and play well with. This is done by our trainer that has 10 yrs of experience in this field of work which follows a regimen that was created by Robin Bennet a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and Susan Briggs (

Your pet will be constantly supervised with the utmost care by a trained team of day care supervisors.

Price and Packages

Price and Packages

  • Full Day $29
  • 10 Day Pass $270
  • 25 Day Pass $660
  • 50 Day Pass $1275

Half Day $15

  • 10 Day Pass $135