Our new, state of the art facility is designed to be safe, fun, and most of all, their home away from home! ​

Bedding, Belongings and Toys

Pet beds are available for each guest. You may bring a small blanket or flat bedding as long as it’s washable. Three toy limit please. For safety, no rope toys are allowed. Collars/leads aren’t necessary unless someone else is picking up your pet. Please make sure all belongings are labeled appropriately with your pet’s name prior to check in.

Activities and Fun

No matter which type of enclosure your pet stays in, each guest is taken out minimum three times daily for exercise and potty breaks in our large exercise yards. All yards are in a secured fenced and each guest is always supervised at all times.

Learn More about our a la carte activities and packages at A Crate Escape.


We encourage you to bring your pet’s regular diet to help alleviate an upset tummy. If you prefer, we will feed our in-house diet, which is a digestible-friendly diet. Our in-house diet is available for an additional $5.00/day. Please bring your pet’s food and/or treats labeled with their name in zip-lock baggies no larger than gallon size. Please no Tupperware, large pet food bags or other types of containers (exceptions with long term lodging guests).


Luxury Boarding – $58

  • ​Climate controlled
  • Soothing music
  • Essential oil calming diffusers
  • Ceiling fan
  • Doggie pillow treat at night
  • Dimmer lights
  • Special flooring
  • 4 -15 minute walk/play time in yards
  • Raised plush beds
  • Fresh air exchange systems
  • 24X7 surveillance

Standard Boarding – $49

  • Climate controlled
  • Dimmer lights
  • 3 -15 minute walk/play time yards
  • Raised beds
  • Fresh air exchange system
  • 24X7 surveillance​

Kitty Condos – $25

  • Private multi level condos
  • Large amount of natural light
  • Window perches
  • During housekeeping services, cats will be able to perch and relax on our window sills and in our private play room
  • Fresh air exchange system
  • 24X7 surveillance

​Additional pets will receive a 10% discount. In order to qualify, they must be able to be housed together.

A La Carte Activities

You may choose to create your own bundle of 3 to 5 activities, for a discount or pick individual activities from the list below.

Bundles for A La Carte

Choose 5 get 10% discount
Choose 4 get 8% discount
Choose 3 get 5% discount


Bacon Bubbles – $10
Bacon scented bubbles. Jump, Chomp Eat

​Buddy for an hour – $25
Customized one hour of play packed with activities for undivided attention

Extra Walks – $15
2 additional potty walks daily

Office Helper – $20
45-minute shift in our office hanging out with our managers or receptionist. (1 per day, Mon-Fri, subject to appropriate behavior)

Cookie break – $3

Granola bars – $5

Doggie Ice Cream – $5

You’ve got mail – $8
An emailed photo update from your four-legged family members vacation

Bed time treat – $5
Kong stuffed with a treat. Kong must be brought or purchased

Ball and Frisbee toss – $10

​Splash yard – $12
Personal time running through and splashing in our wading pools

Kitty Cuddles – $10
Lap time for cats that want some lap time

Laser play – $10

Cat Nip Play – $4
Cat toy filled with cat nip

A Cat Nap – $8
Cats have an option of 8 window seals to take a nap

Tree time – $8
Cats can play in our tree room

Daycare with boarding – $12
Let your pet come join our daycare for the day while boarding

Go home baths
Boarding bath – $25

Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Preventative

Want one less thing to remember in your hectic life? Let us administer your pet’s monthly flea, tick, and heartworm preventative and never have to worry again. (DAYCARE CLIENTS ONLY)

4-60 pounds – $22
60-120 pounds – $25

Heartworm Medication
Bring your own heartworm preventative and we will keep it for you.

Medical Boarding

Standard medical boarding – $5 additional per day

For pets that require medications three times or less

Dr. Pearce and our staff are highly trained to care for all pets, including pets with diabetes, pets recovering from surgery and even pets with special needs. We promise that your pets will receive the same care as if you were here with them!

​If for any reason your pet should require medical treatment during their stay, Dr. Pearce will be available through Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin.

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