Policies & FAQ

Do You Offer Tours?

Yes, please feel free to stop bye at anytime.

Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 7:00am-6:00pm

  • Saturday: 8:00am-2:00pm

  • Sunday: Closed

  • Courtesy pickups on Sunday with reservation 4pm-6pm

Check-in and Check-out

Check in and check out time is noon. A full days boarding fee will apply on day of check-in. Pets may arrive before check-in time with no additional fees, but your pet may have to wait in a holding area until their room is available. If your pet has not been picked up by noon, you will be charged another day of boarding. If your dog is receiving a go-home bath and or groom kindly pick up after 4pm.

Vaccination Requirements – Canine

All dogs that enter the resort are required to show proof of Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP, and a yearly healthy fecal exam to check for intestinal parasites. Bordetella must be updated every 6 months. Due to the recent outbreaks of Canine Influenza, we do not require but highly recommend dogs to receive this vaccination for their safety and the protection of our facility.

Vaccinations must be administered at least 48 hours prior to arrival under the guidance of an licensed veterinarian. However, we prefer vaccinations to be administered 10 days before check-in. 

Canine Vaccinations

Distemper, Parvo, and Parainfluenza

  • 1 or 3 year vaccine required


  • Required every 6 months and at least 7 days prior to check-in to ensure maximum efficiency and protection against canine influenza. (kennel cough)


  • 1 or 3 year vaccine required

Vaccination Requirements – Feline

All cats that enter the resort are require to show proof of Rabies and feline distemper (FVRCP).

Flea and Tick Control

The only products we accept for flea and tick treatment from an owner is Nexgard, Frontline, or Revolution. No other products will be accepted.

Cancellation Policy

During high demand, a deposit is required to secure your reservation. There is a two week (14-day) cancellation policy. All reservations must be changed or cancelled with at least 14 days notice to be eligible for a refunded deposit. Deposits apply during times of high demand, including most major holidays and spring break.

A cancellation fee will be charged if you are unable to cancel 14 days in advance. Within 48 hours deposit will be non refundable. YOUR RESERVATION WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED UNTIL A DEPOSIT HAS BEEN MADE.

Availability of Kennels

Holiday reservations should be made well in advance as space is limited. Major Holidays 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Spring Break week should be booked several months in advance. 


Due to the high demand of kennel space during the holiday’s, all doggie day care services will not be offered. Major holidays include:

  • New Years

  • Easter

  • Independence Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas

There is a holiday fee of $10 which is charged on the day of the holiday, per pet. A THREE DAY minimum is required during a holiday. 

Multiple Pet Household

If dogs from the SAME household are staying in the same enclosure and do not exceed our weight limit of 150 pounds combined, the first pet is full price and other dogs are $10 off per pet. For pets participating in daycare, we offer $10 off each additional family member. A discount of $10 off will be applied to other pets of the same family. This discount applies to dogs only.

Pets from the SAME household are allowed to stay within the same enclosure if they get along. We reserve the right to separate family member if they for any reason are not getting along. Full price for the new enclosure will apply. For maximum safety and health of all guests, we do not allow dogs from separate households (friends, neighbors, family members) to room tighter while staying with us. Owner resumes all financial responsibility of trauma to one another. 

Allowable Personal Belongings

You may bring personal items for your pet. Kuranda bedding is provided in each enclosure and do not require owners to provide bedding/blankets. We advice against blankets, or bedding that pets may shred. ROPE TOYS ARE NOT ALLOWED!!! Please limit toys to two per household. If more than one family member is staying in the same enclosure, one additional toy per pet is allowed. Make sure all personal items are labeled with yours and your pets name. To help alleviate any dietary indiscretions, we encourage owners to bring their pets regular diet. A high quality prescription GI sensitive diet is available for an additional $2.00/day. Laundry service is offered for accidents. A Crate Escape is not responsible for destroyed personal belongings. Please bring your pet’s food in measured individual zip lock bags with their name. No tupperware or large dog food bags. (Exceptions with long term boarding guests)

Medications and Medical Boarding

Designated staff that has had practice in a veterinary clinic and are trained to Dr. Pearce’s standards are available to administer medications. All medications must be in a prescription bottle with the original label. WE WILL NOT ADMINISTER MEDICATIONS THAT ARE IN ZIP LOCK BAGGIES OR UNMARKED CONTAINERS!! This is for the safety of your pet and our staff. If your pet has specific medical needs (paralyzed, seizures, difficulty walking, etc) we are available to help. All controlled substances (phenobarbital, tramadol, valium, etc) will be counted in front of owners on presentation, locked in a lock box during the pets stay, and counted in front of the owners upon discharge. If your pet requires a controlled substance we ask that you bring the appropriate amount.

Age Requirements

The earliest a pet can come and board with us is 19 weeks. Puppies receive their last set of puppy vaccinations at 16 weeks of age. 19 weeks allows for patient to be fully vaccinated and covered for DHLPP and rabies. 

Neuter and Spay Policies 

Due to the dynamics of group play all pets, after six months of age must be spayed or neutered for Doggie Daycare. However, your pet is welcome to enjoy boarding if unaltered. 

Dogs Fights

Should a dog fight occur, Dr. Pearce will be notified immediately, followed by the owner. Our staff is trained to prevent fights rather than react to fights, and we are selective in the dogs that are allowed into our doggie daycare program.


In the event your pet is in need of emergency services, Dr. Chelsea Pearce will be notified immediately. If further care is required at a veterinary clinic, all guests will be treated at Emergency Animal Hospital of NW Austin. If during business hours of your regular veterinarian, A Crate Escape staff will do our best to get your pet to his/her veterinarian. Owners will be responsible for all costs incurred.


Our facility has twenty four hour seven day a week video surveillance.


At A Crate Escape say goodbye to cold concrete, gravel, mulch, muddy yards, and dirty paws. All yards are covered with K9Grass, a unique feature that help promotes a cleaner, safer, better smelling environment for pets. With its exclusive flow -through backing, short dense blade structure, and antimicrobial protection, our yards are the ideal surface for our guests.

Doggie Daycare

For all new guests, your dog’s first day of daycare is free. During their first visit, we will introduce your dog to our facility, our staff, and to our furry friends that attend daycare on a regular basis. We will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire so we can learn about your dog’s needs and personality. This along with meeting you and your dog will help us determine which of our day care options is the best fit for you and your dog. When you pick up your dog we will give your a report card showing how your dog played and interacted with our staff and new friends.