Pet of the Month – May





Lively, independent, and sassy. If Brownie was a person, she’d be Queen Bee and fashionista, Beyonce. This feisty little girl has a mind all of her own, loves to talk, and when she’s not playing with her BFF, Romeo, enjoys lounging in the sun like royalty. Don’t be fooled though, there’s no Princess pink in this girl’s wardrobe! Her favorite part of daycare is getting down and dirty, running with the boys, and splashing/looking for treats in the puppy pools


Brownie’s beginning was less than illustrious, however. She was picked up in Corpus Christi, TX, found herself in the shelter there, but was thankfully adopted by her loving forever parents. Her people took the time to get to know her, enrolled her into some great training classes that helped ensure her behavior would be great, as well as to give her some positive associations to the world around her. She shares her home with a couple of great cats, and her mom and dad who just love her to bits. She’s always got the best new collars to show off when she comes in for daycare, and loves playing dress up for pictures (both at home, and here for parties).




We love having Brownie hang with us, and get the pleasure of seeing her pretty frequently through the week. Be sure to bring your pup in for daycare, so they too can meet and play with this awesome pup!







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