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Medication Administration Guide

I hereby request, and authorize, A Crate Escape, LLC and its staff, to administer the following medications to my pet.  These medications have been prescribed by my pet’s veterinarian as follows:

***IMPORTANT!!!  All medications must be in original bottle WITH LABEL SHOWING PRESCRIBED DOSAGE.  We are legally bound to follow the dosage on the bottle.  If it does not match, we will need something in writing, signed by your vet (not staff!), modifying the dosage (email from vet is acceptable).

For controlled substances (Phenobarbital, Tramadol, Hydrocodone, Torbutrol, Diazepam, etc.) we ask that you only bring enough for your pet's stay, in the original container. We will count these medications upon your pet’s arrival and departure. Any additional medication not needed during their stay may be sent home with you at the time of drop-off. ***

When to give

Please note: This information will be kept with your pet and will serve as our guide for care and treatment.  Should your pets’ medications change in any way, please complete a new card to replace this one as soon as possible. We can only administer meds with written authorization.