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Boarding Check In

Please fill out the following information for your pet.  If you do not plan bring anything listed, or it is not applicable, please put in “N/A”.


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Client Belongings

IMPORTANT: I agree that by signing below, I hereby authorize A Crate Escape, LLC to treat and/or seek treatment for my pet for any injury or illness requiring immediate treatment that arises during boarding.  Furthermore, I agree to pay ALL COSTS associated with that treatment whether the treatment is successful, or not.  I understand that A Crate Escape, LLC will attempt to contact me but will not delay emergency treatment and will ALWAYS put forth every effort to preserve the health and life of my pet.


Please check the box to the left of any additional services you would like us to perform:

By signing below, the client acknowledges and accepts the inherent risks associated with boarding their pet.  While very rare, things such as bites from other dogs during play, infections, and other incidents can occur.  We work very hard to prevent such things, however there is no way to prevent every occurrence.